Cheap and Good is Bullcrap!

For all of you on the client side, I know I will sound like an a**hole, but you need to hear the truth from our side, agency side.

For all of you on the agency side, I will try to open your eyes to an inevitable fact of bad pricing, I’ve been in this mess so I will try to share my bitter experience so you don’t have to go through it.

Let’s begin.


We were eager to get more clients in the first year, so we did the easiest thing to do to get more sales, we charge less. Hey, as long as we got money in the bank for our cash flow right? WRONG! We got lots of new clients, clients from all size of businesses, we were happy. We took more than what we can handle, so what should we do next, we hire more, clients were happy.

Several months pass.


All that easy money were long gone, but we still had dozens of projects on our list, so we stop hiring, the existing designers and developers getting tired of doing endless works, clients getting impatient, so we already sold our soul (creativity) to the devil (money).


Several years later (yup you read it right, years), we still have some projects that will haunt us for several months to come, so you tell me, where do you think the money that we’ve got before. Tell me, is it worth it?

It’s easy to hire the cheapest agency out there that has a really good portfolio, but do you really trust them to deliver their best when they get new clients with bigger billing? Your project won’t be on their next case study when they update their social media or their website, you will be their side project, just to fulfill this month cash flow. I’m not saying that you need to choose the most expensive out there, do your research, choose the one that has great case studies and asks them why they charge a certain amount of fee for this project. Make the agency justified their fee not the other way around so they can have that burden of doing it right for you.

I want to close this by repeating the quote I attached above: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” so choose your creative agency or digital agency or website design agency wisely.

Until next post 🙂

Written by Tommy Fabianus. The writer is the managing partner/digital marketing manager of Grab Essentials!, a digital agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia.



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